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10 Popular Movies Ruined By Last Minute Changes [Screen Rant]

@ February 25, 2018

When movies undergo serious changes at the last minute, it's rarely a good sign...

If you want to create the next big hit, it doesn’t hurt to be a perfectionist. Too bad some creative teams become so self-conscious about their films that the movies get rewritten, over-edited, and tinkered into oblivion.

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), most of the movies on this list are big budget blockbusters that happen to center around superheroes. Maybe it’s because these franchises are often made by a big committee, they get so lost in minor details that they often miss hitting the larger mark that their core audience is looking to see.

Whether it’s a Warner Brothers tent-pole like Suicide Squad or Justice League full of unnecessary darkness; a highly anticipated Star Wars installment like The Last Jedi causing intense fan backlash; a classic Superman movie reshot until the original charm’s disappeared; a controversial horror prequel like the Exorcist remade into a slightly better alternative; a popular musical like Little Shop of Horrors with an opposing ending swapped in for good measure; a mismanaged reboot like Fantastic Four with rumors churning faster than principal photography can shoot; a space-set sequel like Alien 3 muddling what people loved about the franchise in the first place; or a sci-fi original like Blade Runner bowing to studio meddling and still managing to be recognized for the masterwork it is…

There are enough flawed flicks on this list to keep every fan theorizing about the missed opportunities of what could have been.

(by: Screen Rant)

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