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10 Movie Mistakes That Turned Into Funny Improvised Moments

@ May 25, 2017

Screen Rant shows us in its video some movies mistakes that turned into funny improvised moments, featuring Starlord, Batman and more!

During the movie-making process, there are many changes that need to get made. When it comes to actors, they have the ability to add laughs, dramatic moments, and other emotions through the decisions that they make. Many times, it’s hard to tell what scenes are improvised or an actual part of the script. Through interviews with production members and actors like Chris Pratt, Ben Affleck, or Dwayne Johnson, these improvised scenes get revealed to viewing audiences.

See how Star- Lord almost destroyed one of the coveted Infinity Stones. Where exactly does Thor store his hammer when it’s not in use? Was Batman’s reaction to Doomsday a genuine reaction or something that Ben Affleck blurted out in jest? And how did Benedict Cumberbatch manage to connect Beyonce to the world of Doctor Strange?

(by: Screen Rant)

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